May 12th, 2010

All Sunny All the Time

May 12, 2010 by Christina
From SunLust Pictures comes what any Sunny Leone fan would want, All Sunny All the Time. Just as the title implies this movie features six scenes in total all of which feature Sunny. A pretty basic concept but one that I am sure will be the delight of many. So let’s find out what it’s like when it’s All Sunny All the Time.
Scene 1: Sunny Leone
For this solo scene Sunny starts us off with a tease where she is wearing a white bra and panties set. Once she gets stripped down a bit she starts masturbating. First in missionary and then on all fours as the music covers any sounds she may be making. This is a relatively short scene but it’s a nice warm-up for what’s to come. The music covering her moaning is a bit of a downer but Sunny is that type of girl I don’t mind just watching.
Scene 2: Sunny Leone and Sadie West
For this scene Sunny shows off her Domme side as she walks in on Sadie, who is curled up on a chair. It doesn’t take long as they start kissing and Sunny commences with foreplay. She doesn’t tease too long though as she starts to plunge her finger deep inside her as her tongue helps too. Sunny has to get her own pleasure as well as Sadie takes the time to give her pussy a nice bath with her tongue. After this is when the strap-on comes out and Sadie sucks it off before straddling it in reverse cowgirl. Sadie gets really into and before long she is on all fours in doggie. From there they go to missionary and then all of a sudden in cowgirl where we have Sadie leaning back as Sunny holds her up before she collapses to the ground. The scene ends with some gentle kissing and rubbing. Overall this is just a hot scene. Sadie goes a little over the top in some places but that is her normal performance. Sunny shows off her strap-on abilities nicely as we will see later on as well.
Scene 3: Sunny Leone and Capri Cavelli
Capri gets to be Sunny’s “fuck toy” for this scene as they quickly move right into some foreplay. Once they are nice and warmed up Capri gets to lie back as Sunny eats her out. Capri, not being selfish, returns the favor by giving Sunny’s pussy a good once over as well. Sunny starts throwing out some really good dirty talk at this point too. To continue the pleasure Capri brings out a purple vibrator to use on Sunny who in turn brings out a pink vibrator when she gets her turn. This is another good scene though not quite as hot as the previous scene. Capri and Sunny have good chemistry together and the dirty talk from both was nice.
Scene 4: Sunny Leone and Isis Taylor
Sunny is playing a doctor for this scene and Isis is her patient. It doesn’t take long for things to get hot and heavy as the two start to make out for a bit. They then move right into some fun as Sunny starts to eat out Isis. For some extra fun Sunny starts using a stripped glass dildo on Isis to which she seems to respond. Isis gets her turn to do the pleasing next as Sunny gets on all fours while Isis licks away. She then also uses a glass dildo on Sunny while she is in doggie and then missionary. We finish up with the two ladies kissing while Sunny rubs Isis. I mentioned this in another review but Isis just doesn’t seem to have it in this scene. The chemistry feels off, kind of disappointed.
Scene 5: Sunny Leone and Monique Alexander
Just like the scene with Capri these two start off chatting for a little before going right into some foreplay. Monique gets the first taste as she gets Sunny bent over so she can nibble and finger her. The fun continues as she flips over in missionary before Monique climbs up and rides her face. Sunny eventually repositioned behind her before Monique slides down and lies back to enjoy her tongue more. While in missionary Sunny uses a glass dildo on the waiting Monique. The scene then finishes with the ladies, both with glass dildos, masturbating together for the camera. This scene is more like it. Sunny and Monique seem to like each other a lot and it shows with this scene. I liked the fact that they did something a little different with Monique having her ride Sunny’s face.
Scene 6: Sunny Leone, Kiara Diane, Sea J. Raw and Nick Manning
This is the “cock-off” that is mentioned on the DVD cover. We start off by seeing Nick and Sunny talking and they decide to see who has the best “cock skills”. Obviously Sunny will be using a strap-on and Nick will use his own equipment. The action then starts quickly as Sea J. and Kiara start sucking them off. Sea J. is partnered with Nick while Kiara gets Sunny. After the girls finish with their oral skills, Nick and Sunny turn the tables and eat them out. Then the fun really gets under way as Kiara and Sea J. mount up in reverse cowgirl. Doggie is the next position as the girls are kind of facing each other. The stay in doggie but Nick and Sunny change it up so that the girls are bent over the couch. Missionary is the next position as Sea J. and Kiara lie back on the couch. Kiara gets the added treat of some kissing from Sunny while she pumps. Things change up a little bit here as Sea J. goes back to doggie as Kiara cleans off Sunny’s dildo before lying back for more missionary. This is great though because it allows Sea J. and Kiara to kiss a little. Sunny and Kiara go back to doggie to finish up before Nick pops on Sea J.’s face. Kiara gets her own popshot from Sunny as she splashes some lotion down. Nick ends up being declared the winner as the scene ends. This ended up being my favorite scene on the disc. Nick goes overboard with some of his screaming but other than that it’s great. Seeing that this was supposed to be a competition it would have been cool to see Sea J. and Kiara switch partners so that they could both weigh in on the decision.
Unfortunately there isn’t much here as far as extras. There is a photo gallery and a BTS that runs in at about one minute. This isn’t a big deal though because this is only SunLust’s third title so in the future I would expect more extras.
Final Thoughts and Rating:
Being that this is only the third title from Sunny Leone’s studio I was impressed with what she was able to do. Now because Sunny is girl/girl only it narrows down what kind of scenes she can do that doesn’t stop her from finding the best possible combinations. The Sadie West scene as well as Capri’s and Monique’s were all great with the one disappointment being Isis. Anyway that is a Sunny fan will want to pick this up and I give it a 4 out of 5.

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